About Gracilis (Slender Weaver)

Bambusa textilis var 'Gracilis'. This is our most sought after bamboo. The demand for this plant has been so great that we are currently focusing our propagation on this product in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Gracilis is the best bamboo for privacy. Its upright, compact habit allows it to form a dense privacy screen, even in n narrow gardens because it is non-invasive it does not encroach on garden space. This makes it suitable for use in high density housing settings. Its full grown height of 8-9 metres allows it to screen up to 2 storeys plus. Plants spaced 1 metre apart in a 50 cm wide garden bed  will form a living fence, which provides an attractive privacy screen. Gracilis stays lush and green all year long. It is both frost tolerant and drought hardy and can be pruned to size.

Plant characteristics: Height 8 to 9 m / Diameter 50 cm (up to 150 cm after several years) / Straight and graceful with large green leaves

Maintenance: Trim once a year in winter (can be manicured more often if desired). Old culms (stems) can be pruned from the centre or the edge of the plant after a few years.

Conditions: As well as enjoying typical tropical and temperate climates, this hardy plant will tolerate wet areas, drought, and temperatures as low as -9 degrees Celsius. It has proven to be successful and hardy in regions from Melbourne to Cairns and beyond.